• identification of market and business opportunities

  • development of market entry strategies

  • adaptation of offers and communication measures for the target market

  • development of sales structures and sales partner search

  • networking and relationship management with decision-makers

  • support with tenders

  • due diligence and risk analysis

  • government contact and funding management

  • on-site project management

  • establishment of representative offices

we work in close cooperation with selected partners, such as WKO / Advantage Austria

consulting and support

in market entry and development - tailored to your needs and the requirements of the target market:


answer these questions: 

❓What are the most promising markets for my company and my products?


❓What are the specific needs of the target market and how do I align my offers, my sales and my communication thereupon?


What are the rules by which the market functions and how to adapt my offers, my sales and my communication?


❓How to find a reliable local interlocutor?


❓What pitfalls to be avoided?

✅When shall I start?

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