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different countries - different manners

Communicate successfully in Africa and the Middle East:

  • workshops for expats as well as sales and support

  • consultation & support in emerging markets 

  • meet on an level playing field 

scaffolding work

scaffolding work

Quick-fix or professional job?

finding the right interlocutor

finding the right interlocutor

who do I talk to and when? get to the heart of the matter!

"peace", "victory" or insult?

"peace", "victory" or insult?

gestures can be interpreted very differently depending on the culture, customs/traditions and country/region

Meeting & greeting

Meeting & greeting

A handshake, a hug or a formal bow?

Going to a wedding

Going to a wedding

The bride is richly decorated as a token of her new in-law's esteem!

How and where do I sit?

How and where do I sit?

On a chair? On a pillow or on the ground?



How do people spend their spare time? What do they do and where do they do it?

getting around

getting around

Is public transport safe? What are the risks?

In time or fashionably late?

In time or fashionably late?

Punctuality is cultural!



How to cover your head? Not always religiously

Dressing to impress?

Dressing to impress?

What to wear and when...



In person or by letter? Turn up alone or as a team representing the company? How to invite people and how to respond.

Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking

How to eat Ugali? by hand? or with cutlery?

hiding or not?
for many years market leader
1st day at school of 3 Austrians

our philosophy

We focus on improving communication between people from different cultures (mainly from Africa and the Middle East).


Our events should be a source of inspiration for individuals, businesses, organizations, NGOs and associations living and/or working in these regions.


We help you understand what makes others tick so that you can avoid misunderstandings and meet on a level playing field.

our philosophy

who we are

.. a team of experienced, professional, positive-thinking experts, who care about a better understanding between Europeans and people from Africa and the Middle East.

who we are

 general manager - in:ku:ko

20 years of living and working in Africa and the Middle East have broadened my horizons considerably.

I have held a number of diverse roles:

  • Training manager for two thousand employees

  • Founder of the first multi-cultural kindergarten in Southern Tunisia

  • Founder and CEO of PIERRE PROTECT - a company in the construction industry in Tunis

  • Business Development Manager for a Japanese group for Africa and D-A-CH 

  • Lector at FH Vienna - University for applied science for "intercultural management & communication" within a MBA program 

  • Intercultural Entrepreneur in health business

I have been honored to serve as a speaker at the Alpbach Economy Forum, and as a foreign correspondent for ORF during the Tunisian Revolution.

In addition, I'm a passionate painter and a happy mother of three adult children.

what we do

what we do


communicate successfully in

African countries and

in the Middle East



Arts, culture, kitchen




Efficient and realistic support for the implementation of projects


become a member

The association is open to all who are interested in the intercultural exchange between Austria and the countries of Africa and the Middle East.

Membership is possible for both companies and individuals.



discounts + reductions

for more than


Your benefits:

  • Invitations to lectures, readings and receptions

  • Discounted concert tickets

  • Participation in network meetings

  • Enjoy our cooking-events

       and much more..

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Your private annual subscription:


First intercultural expert advise free 


discounts + reductions

for more than


Your benefits

  • Meeting, greeting and networking opportunities

  • in-house and external courses in:

    • ​communication​

    • language

    • values / culture

    • codes of conduct

  • Participation in organized B2B Meetings and market surveys

  • professional advice and support in entering and/or developing new markets in selected areas in Africa and the Middle East

  • Assistance with communication problems

       and much more..

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Your company's annual subscription:


First intercultural expert advise free

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office & atelier:

Hamerlinggasse 56

3003 Gablitz, Austria


+43 / (0) 664-912 0152

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